Tourmaline Vs Ceramic Flat Iron: Which One Is Best For Your Hair Type?

A flat iron is one of the most important tools in a woman’s beauty arsenal. It can transform frizzy, curly hair into sleek, straight locks in just minutes.

Ceramic and tourmaline are some of the most common materials for flat iron plates. But which is better? That depends on what you’re looking for!

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, which is why it’s important to know what you’re looking for in a hair straightener before making a decision.

This article will give you a quick run-down on these two types of flat irons so you can make an informed decision when it comes time to shop.

If you need some help deciding whether ceramic or tourmaline ceramic is best for you, keep reading!

Ceramic Plates

Ceramic heating plates have been around for a while and many people have been using them with success. Ceramic plates have been known to be good because of the natural ceramic material that is used, which does not lose its properties even when heated.

✔️ Pros

The ceramic plates of the flat iron heat up at a constant temperature providing you with uniform and consistent heat. In other words, ceramic plates distribute heat more evenly than the tourmaline.

It is true that ceramic flat irons can be just as healthy as tourmaline. It is also true that they are less expensive than tourmaline. This makes them a popular choice among beauty enthusiasts, but many people worry about whether this type of iron will damage the hair or not.

This is one concern that is noted by many experts on the subject, who say that it’s really not possible for a ceramic flat iron to damage the hair. The reason for this is because they are unable to get hot enough to cause harm to the healthy strands, being designed mainly for styling purposes.

The ceramic plates also do not contain any hazardous substances like asbestos which can be found in some types of tourmaline flat irons.

Ceramic plates last longer than tourmaline ones — they only need to be replaced after 10 years of use.

Ceramic flat iron from GHD

❗ Cons

The disadvantage of ceramic hair straightener plates is that they are heavy and bulky. They do not offer any flex in the plate and this can be an issue when it comes to aesthetic styles.

Ceramic plates may not offer the same shine as a tourmaline flat iron. As a result, if a ceramic plate is used on very curly hair, it may take more time to straighten the hair.

Ceramic plates are fragile; they can break easily. They can crack if they are dropped.

Ceramic plates are thin, they heat up very quickly and cool down rapidly. This can cause burning effects of the edges on your skin if you don’t keep the plates more directly on your hair section while flat ironing. It’s just easier to burn your hair.

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ceramic tourmaline hair straightener

Tourmaline flat iron plates are also made of ceramic. Tourmaline is a gemstone that is crushed and applied to the ceramic surface.

The best tourmaline flat iron plates will be made up of 100% pure tourmaline ceramic plates. Some cheaper models may use a lower grade of tourmaline mixed with other materials, or a less pure form of tourmaline ceramic. Although these will work, the quality won’t be as good as 100% tourmaline models.

✔️ Pros

Tourmaline plates are known for their ability to make hair smooth and shiny. This ability comes from the release of negative ions when heated, which bind with positive ions in human hair.

Negative ions reduce static electricity in hair, resulting in less frizz and greater shine. Ions also close the cuticle layer of the hair shaft, making it smooth and sleek.

The unevenness in a strand of hair is due to different size scales along that strand. Tourmaline plates flatten this surface irregularity, making your hair smooth and silky all over!

Tourmaline flat irons are one of the healthiest ways of straightening your hair. They are not weighed down by heavy metals but are infused with tourmaline which helps to cut through the build-up on your hair.

Tourmaline is a very soft stone that emits infrared rays which speed up the process of straightening or curling your hair.

The plates are slim and nicely shaped for creating curls or straightening hair. Some have a wider area for curling hair. Tourmaline flat irons are lightweight.

Tourmaline also helps with protecting your hair from damage caused by using a regular straightener, as well as protecting you from any kind of metal that could be in one, giving you peace of mind while trying to achieve the perfect style.

They’re usually dual voltage so can take them when you travel abroad or just go on holiday. In addition, they come with good warranties which means that they last longer than other straighteners and there is less chance of something going wrong with them.

hair straightened with tourmaline flat iron

❗ Cons

Tourmaline flat irons are not without their disadvantages. They work best on hair that is fine or medium in thickness but may not handle very thick or coarse hair.

Tourmaline iron also has low power and the plates may not reach high enough temperatures for some users to achieve their desired level of straightening.

The cost of tourmaline irons is also prohibitive for many middle-class families who feel like they don’t need all the bells and whistles of an expensive model if their hair is relatively healthy.

One more disadvantage is you have to be careful when heating the product so it doesn’t burn your hair. It’s also not great for coarse hair, since it doesn’t get all the tangles out. And it can be unreliable with thick hair.

Tourmaline’s heat distribution is not equal across the entire plate of the flat iron. When you slide it on your hair, it can cause damage because there are areas that are hotter than others.

Tourmaline is a stone, and like all stones (including diamonds) it can crack and shatter. Also, if you push too hard on your hair while using a tourmaline straightener, the plate can shatter as well.

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FAQ — Is Tourmaline Better Than Ceramic?

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How to clean tourmaline flat iron?

Dampen a soft cloth and clean it up by running it over the outside of the body. Never pour any cleaning fluid onto the flat iron when it is plugged in. Be careful when using a cloth that has any type of bleach or detergent, as these types of chemicals can damage your flat iron.

Is ceramic or tourmaline flat iron better for fine hair?

Tourmaline flat irons are best for hair that is fine or medium in thickness. Tourmaline flat irons are also one of the healthiest ways of straightening your hair, as they don’t use heavy metals that can damage your hair.

Is ceramic more damaging than tourmaline?

Well, ceramic is more damaging than tourmaline because it heats up and cools down at a much more intense rate than tourmaline does. Ceramic also has higher heat which can damage your hair if you’re not careful.

Tourmaline, on the other hand, emits a lot less heat and its ionic quartz properties allow for more even heat distribution. This is why tourmaline is regarded as the lesser of two evils and better than ceramic.

The plates on ceramic irons aren’t infused with any type of protective or ionic minerals, which leaves you open to potential problems from metal ions in the plates leeching onto your hair strands.

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Tourmaline Flat Iron Vs Ceramic: Final Decision

Ceramic flat irons are recommended for people with thick or coarse hair. Tourmaline is better suited for those with fine or medium-thick hair. Tourmaline is also easier to use and more expensive than ceramic but isn’t as durable.

Tourmaline ceramic plates have more benefits though because they emit negative ions that reduce static electricity and cut down on drying time.

Ceramic is also cheaper than tourmaline ceramic so it might be worth considering if the price is an issue.

Check the model specifications to make sure it’s up to the task you need.

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