How to Submit an Article

At Hair Spies, we value the power of knowledge sharing, and we’re passionate about creating a platform where everyone can learn about hair-related topics, trends, and techniques. We’re a community dedicated to promoting hair health, hair beauty, and overall wellness. To keep this passion alive, we’re inviting talented professionals with a deep understanding of hair care to contribute to our blog.

If you’re thinking about submitting your work for publication, we ask you to first take a look at our specific guidelines. These criteria ensure that we publish content that is both enlightening and genuinely engaging to the Hair Spies community.

Who We’re Looking For

We’re actively seeking contributions from experienced professionals with verifiable credentials in the field of hair care and beauty. We believe that true knowledge stems from hands-on experience, and we aim to bring this first-hand knowledge to our readers.

  • Hairdressers and Stylists: Are you a seasoned professional who knows the ins and outs of cutting and styling hair? Can you share insights into the latest trends, techniques, and tips that our readers can apply to their own hair care routines? We’re looking for you.
  • Beauty Experts: We’re eager to connect with established beauty experts who specialize in hair care. If you’re experienced in sharing practical advice, product recommendations, and innovative beauty solutions, we want your expertise.
  • Trichologists: As specialists in the scientific study of the hair and scalp, your professional insights are crucial to our content. If you’re experienced in dealing with issues such as hair health, hair loss, and other scalp-related conditions, we’re interested in your contributions.
  • Other Medical Professionals: Doctors, dermatologists, and other professionals with medical backgrounds related to hair and scalp health are invaluable to us. We’re looking for professionals who can articulate complex medical concepts into accessible language for our readers, providing them with a better understanding of hair-related medical issues.

To maintain the highest standards of information on our blog, we emphasize the importance of verifiable professional experience. This requirement ensures our content remains credible, authoritative, and useful for our audience. If you’re a professional with demonstrable experience in these fields, we invite you to contribute to our blog.

Before We Start (Your First Email to Us)

Before initiating the writing process, we require contributors to provide us with the following information:

  • Article Topic: Please propose the topic that you’d like to write about. Make sure it falls within the range specified below.
  • Brief Outline: Provide a succinct overview of what your article will cover. This should include the main points you plan to discuss, any specific products or techniques you will mention, and the general flow of the article.
  • Author Information: In addition to your topic and outline, please also share some information about yourself. This includes your name, a short bio, your expertise in the field of hair care, and any relevant credentials or experience.

After we receive this information, our editorial team will review it and provide feedback or approval for you to proceed with the full article.

Our contact page.

General Guidelines

  1. Topic Approval: Before you start writing, we kindly request all first-time contributors to first send in their proposed topic for approval. This process allows us to ensure the relevance and uniqueness of the content, and also avoids potential overlapping with articles that may already be in the pipeline. Please submit your topic proposal via email, providing a brief overview and outline. Our team will review your idea and respond with feedback or approval to proceed.
  2. Article Submission: Your articles should be sent as attached Microsoft Word or Google Docs documents, to the mentioned email address. We are unable to accept other document formats currently.
  3. Article Title: Please provide a suitable title that mirrors the content of your article. However, understand that we hold the authority to modify your title for better alignment with the content or for SEO optimization.
  4. Personal Details: With your article, please provide your full name, email address, and a brief biography of three to five sentences. This bio should encompass your job title, employer, URL to your blog or company website, and any social media handles – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Additionally, include a personal photo in either JPG or PNG format.
  5. Image/Chart Insertion: Any relevant images, photos, or charts should be incorporated directly into the document. If you prefer to send these as separate attachments, clearly indicate where they should be situated within the document. If your article does not necessitate specific images, we can supplement it with photos from our library.
  6. Video Requirements: If your article includes videos, they must be a minimum resolution of 720p and shot in landscape mode. Videos should be devoid of any promotions or advertisements. Please embed video links in the corresponding location within the document where they are intended to be displayed.
  7. Post-Submission Communication: After you submit your article, refrain from sending follow-up emails. We assure you, we have received your submission. The publishing process may take up to one month. If your article is selected, you will receive an email with the scheduled publishing date. If we decide not to publish your article, we will notify you via email.

How to Write For Us – Content Guidelines

  • The Hair Spies blog is centered around the world of hair care and styling. Topics can range from hair care tips, styling techniques, product reviews, hair health, color trends, hair treatments, salon experiences, DIY hair care, hairstyling tools, hair types and textures, scalp health, and hair-related technology, etc.
  • While we don’t have a strict requirement for article length, most of our articles tend to be between 1500-2500 words. We are open to considering shorter or longer pieces as well.
  • The Hair Spies editing team will take care of correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your submission. While authors are advised to proofread their work for errors, you don’t need to worry if your writing isn’t flawless. Our editors are here to polish it.
  • Articles must not be press releases, advertisements, sales letters, promotional copy, or contain blatant and excessive self-promotion or hype.
  • All submissions should be fresh, original work. They must not have been published anywhere else before, including on other blogs.
  • Hair Spies retains exclusive rights to articles published on the blog. Posts may not be republished, repurposed, or replicated on other sites or platforms without receiving prior permission from Hair Spies.
  • You must own the rights to all images and video clips that you provide to Hair Spies to accompany your article.
  • If you incorporate sources, quotes, statistics, etc., please make sure to cite them properly. You can do this by hyperlinking to the original source material (if available) or by listing any references at the end of the document.
  • Use headings to structure your article.
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