Best Babyliss Flat Iron Reviews (2021 Updated)

If you’ve combed through BaByliss flat iron reviews, it’s not hard to notice that they’ve got great quality products. If you’re looking for the best BaByliss flat iron for you and your hair, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll take a look at the brand and showcase the hottest irons they have to offer, helping you find the one.

About the brand

If you’ve ever skimmed through BaByliss hair straightener reviews, you’ll notice one thing; everyone seems to rave about them! In the 1960s, this iron was created in Paris by Lelievre, a well-known and influential hairstylist.

After years on the market, they’ve become a global brand backed by innovative products and quality styling tools that suit hair of all types and lengths. Heating tools that dry, straighten, curl, wave, and crimp hair are all part of their menu, made to fit a wide range of budgets and styling needs.

babylisspro logo

Unique Babyliss flat iron features

BaByliss hair irons have a solid reputation in the beauty industry thanks to several unique features that make each styling product unique.

Apart from the well-known logo added to every single styling tool, you can find other things across the brand that are unique to only them. Some of these include:

Titanium infused plates with IonMulitplier Technology

  • Extra-long swivel cords for easier styling;
  • Lightweight irons that keep hands from fatigue;
  • Several cool colors make the design pop.

Top 5 Best Babyliss Flat Irons Reviewed

1. BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium – Our Top Pick

babyliss nano titanium flat iron

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The Babyliss Pro Nano is the best BaByliss straightener for short hair, coming with a thin design that gets super close to the scalp. The lightness helps keep the hands from getting tired. The swivel cord accompanies the wrist as it twists and turns to create super-sexy curls.

ultra thing babyliss flat iron

The Pro Nano from BaByliss is made with titanium plates to create an even heat along the surface for more structured styles. It’s got 50 heat settings that go up to 450⁰F, covered by heat-resistant study plastic to keep hands safe.

Plates extend 5″ so that you can grab more hair and come covered from base to tip to keep fingers free from harm.

Why we love it:

  • It’s friendly for all budgets without sacrificing quality
  • The slim design is great for short hair
  • Titanium plates distribute heat evenly
  • Choose from 50 heat settings

What we’d change:

  • It lacks automatic shut off
Not only is the BaByliss Pro Nano great for short hair but, all hair types and lengths. Plus, it’s super affordable, long-lasting, and high-quality. What more can you ask for, especially when looking for a tool that creates brag-worthy locks. Use it as a way to achieve waves, flips, and more, even if you decided to go with a super short haircut for the summer.

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2. BaByliss Pro Porcelain – Runner Up

babyliss porcelain ceramic 2 inch flat ron

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The Babyliss Pro Straightener with porcelain ceramic is a solid pick if waves are your thing. Plates range from 1″ to 2″ so you have control over your styles. The porcelain ceramic helps spread heat across the iron generation far-infrared heat, keeping hair protected from damage.

babyliss pro porcelain ceramic straightener

Ions help the hair maintain shine and keep locks conditioned, even if you’re using the highest heating options. You can select the heat you want by twisting the dial with options from 135⁰F to 450⁰F.

Longer plates help create looks faster and work with you as you twirl your hair to get bouncy waves. You won’t have to wait around thanks to fast heat-up times and cord swivel action, working with you even if you’re in a hurry.

Why we love it:

  • Choose from 3 widths for your preferred hairstyle;
  • Far-infrared helps to reduce the potential for damage;
  • Quick heat up for fast styling;
  • Great for making waves.

What we’d change:

  • Has no automatic shut off;
  • No hooks for hanging while styling.
While the iron is great for waves, that doesn’t mean you can’t go straight! This iron can do it all and heats up fast so you can get going. So, choose your width and pick your style, creating it with this versatile flat iron. You don’t have to fret over fried hair or worry about dull or brittle looks. This iron achieves silky hair each and every time.

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3. BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima Ionic – Best Premium BaByliss Choice

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Prima Ionic Straightener

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If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line high-tech flat iron, the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium is the one. Thanks to aircraft-grade titanium, this iron can take on high heat without the risk of corrosion or melting.

Plates feature IonMultiplier Technology, which not only keeps heat even but helps keep the hair smooth, silky, and conditioned. The iron has an elongated cord that swivels as you style and silicone enforced points for your fingers and thumb.

These cool zones will protect your hands and keep your styling without any risk of burning your fingertips. Temperature goes up to 465⁰F, making it the perfect pick for the peskiest hair, no matter if it’s straight, curls, crimped, or wavy. Plus, fingers are safe with silicone “cool tips” at the ends and thumb rest for safe styling.

Why we love it:

  • Enhanced with latest IonMultiplier Tech;
  • Features silicone tips to keep fingers safe;
  • Fast heat up;
  • Aircraft-grade titanium plates.

What we’d change:

  • Add in an automatic shut-off for safety.
If luxury is what you’re after, this iron is steel. From innovative technology to super study materials, this iron has it all, even coming with little extras that make it more comfortable during use. With small additions that make the iron super comfortable to use, you’ll be surprised at the styles that you can create while keeping the hands and fingers comfy the whole way.

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4. BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Wet-to-Dry


BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin wet to dry straightener

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Titanium plates are safe for wet to dry styling, keeping heat across them evenly and hair protected throughout styling. This wet-to-straight iron features 50 different heat settings-which cap off at 450⁰F and longer plates (5”) for faster styling and smoother waves.

And, to keep from buckling under the heat, the outer casing is enforced with Ryton, keeping it from melting burning the skin. It’s smaller than other irons and weighs a lot less but, that doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice quality, as it will help you create any style you want.

Why we love it:

  • It’s small, compact, and lightweight;
  • 50 heat settings help to find the best temp;
  • Ryton casing resistant to high heat;
  • Safe for use on wet hair.

What we’d change:

  • No automatic shut off;
  • It lacks a few extras found in other BaByliss products.

When you like to move around, your hair shouldn’t suffer. Bring this flat iron along with you and enjoy great styling no matter where your heart takes you.

It packs up nice with its compact design and has 50 settings so you can choose the heat you desire. You can create any look, any time, and anywhere using this flat iron.

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5. BaByliss Pro Titanium Mini – Best BaByliss Iron for Travel

babylisspro nano titanium mini 1/2" straightener

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If you’re always on the go, the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Mini Straightener is a perfect companion. Its ultra-thin and slim design is compact and weighs little to nothing, packing up and taking off when you need to.

The Titanium Mini from BaByliss is a no-fuss flat iron that works for styles from stick straight to flowing curls. It’s only 6″ in length with 1″ plates, fitting into luggage or gym bags for on-the-go styling.

Babyliss Mini flat iron

This Babyliss Mini flat iron is my go-to travel tool.

Plates are made from titanium and coated with ceramic for even heating and protection. Its dual voltage and swivel cord work to distribute up to 440⁰ of heat to style hair quickly. The price is low, the quality is high, and the features are just enough to make the most of a bad hair day.

You’ll never suffer from untamed strands with this powerhouse of an iron, packed with heat and flexibility to create the styles you’ve been dreaming about.

Why we love it:

  • Compact design;
  • Perfect for beauty seekers on a budget;
  • Long plates for faster styling;
  • Ceramic coating to keep hair protected.

What we’d change:

  • Only heats to 440⁰F;
  • Does not have a quick heat-up option.

Small, compact, thin, and budget-friendly, this iron is the jack of all trades. No matter how your hair is or what style you’re going for, this iron can get it done. You’ll be surprised by the feel as it grips lightly in the hands and glides along with the locks for smooth and silky strands.

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Babyliss Flat Iron Buyer’s Guide

a woman straightening hair with babyliss flat iron

What things to look for when picking a flat iron

When choosing a flat iron, the first thing you should go for is quality. With BaByliss, you’ll get a quality product with each and every iron plus a 30-day money-back guarantee. Apart from quality, look for:


Plate sizes work better for different haircuts, lengths, and textures. For example, if you have shorter hair, you should choose ultra-thin plates, like the BaByliss Pro Nano, that help you get close to the scalp.

If it’s big and bold waves you’re going for, think of going bigger (2 inches) and longer (up to 6″) for easier and faster styling.

Heating Options

Apart from the size, keep a lookout for the heating options. Some BaByliss irons come with dials to turn and others with pressable buttons to choose your heat. Hotter temperatures are better for coarse hair and lower for fine hair.

Consider your hair type and your style goals before choosing an iron. In this way, you have what you need to create the looks you want.


For flat irons, plates come from all types of materials. When searching for a flat iron, consider the materials that make up the plates, choosing those which allow even heat distribution and protection to reduce the possibility of damaging the hair.

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babyliss pro prima flat iron box

Flat Iron FAQ

What size Babyliss flat iron should I buy?

Well, the size you should buy depends on your hair type, length, and desired style. For straight hair, waves, and curls, 1/2-inch irons work best. Shorter hair may need thinner plates, so you may need to drop down to a 1″ iron.

What is the warranty on Babyliss flat irons?

If there are any defects, BaByliss will repair them without charge for up to 2-years after purchase.

How to spot a fake Babyliss flat iron?

You can spot a fake by first looking at the iron. You should see the BaByliss logo and all parts (switch, cord, extras) that come with your model. When clamping, plates should touch and not have a gap in between.

After testing these, plugin and test for the heat, testing that it reaches the temperature you wanted.

Can you curl with Babyliss straightener?

Yes, you can! To curls with a Babyliss straightener, you’ll have to do some twisting with your wrists as you move along stands. There are several techniques that styling pros use, each one working well for them for different reasons.

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BaByliss has been in the beauty business for years, perfecting the art of making new and innovative hair tools. When it comes to flat irons, you really can’t go wrong, especially if you choose any of these 5.

From the fashionable streets of Paris to today’s hottest catwalks, you can find hair styled by BaByliss all across the globe. For questions or comments about this review, leave us a comment. We can’ wait to read what you think!

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