How to Wash Coconut Oil Out of Hair: Methods That Work

You may have seen influencers on social media raving about how coconut oil is the perfect way to add moisture and shine to hair.

However, we all know that any oil is, well, oily, and this may not only make hair look greasy but cause breakouts on acne-prone skin if it touches the facial area.

So now you may be wondering how to wash coconut oil out of your hair. This process is not all too difficult and shouldn’t get in the way of reaping the benefits of this product, so read on find that and much more on coconut oil!

Why Should You Wash Coconut Oil Out Of Your Hair?

coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil is usually used on damaged and frizzy hair for extra moisture, but it is generally a heavy oil. This means leaving large amounts of it in your hair can weigh it down, applying extra tension to your scalp.

The residual oil may also clog the many pores on your head, leading to a condition called scalp acne. In fact, since hair products are the main cause of this condition, the medical community came up with the term ‘acne cosmetics’ to describe it.

Everyone knows that oil and water aren’t really friends, and this may cause issues when leaving coconut oil in your hair. If you are using coconut oil along with other water-based treatments, the latter may have no effect on your scalp due to the heavy oil forming a barrier on your hair.

So even though this product is known to have many medical benefits, it is most effective to remove coconut oil from hair after usage.

How To Wash Coconut Oil Out Of Hair?

Getting a dense oil such as coconut oil out of your hair can be a hassle, but here are the top ten methods we recommend.

1. Clarifying Shampoo

Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo

The best way to wash coconut oil out of hair is by using a strong clarifying shampoo. These shampoo formulas include ingredients that will be able to remove excess oil and dirt as well as unclog your scalp pores.

Use the shampoo as you usually would, so just lather it into the hair and rinse well. Of course, you may also wash out coconut oil with conditioner following the shampoo.

The two layers of cleaning will make sure there is no excess coconut oil on the scalp surface and will give your hair a shiny look.

2. Dry Shampoo

dry shampoo to wash coconut oil out of hair

If you took a quick shower yet notice oil in your still, dry shampoo should be your go-to method of removing the excess coconut oil from hair.

This spray is made to absorb oil while also making the hair appear matte and clean. If your hair is on the darker side, make sure to buy dark, dry shampoo or rub it in well once sprayed.

3. Dry Shampoo Alternatives

If you don’t have dry shampoo laying around, then baby powder or flour can also do the trick.

Once again, make sure to rub the powder in if you have dark hair; otherwise, there will be a visible layer of white on your scalp.

4. Clay

clay mask against coconut oil

If you are wondering how to wash out coconut oil from hair without shampoo, a clay mask will be a helping hand.

Mix a clay mask powder with water to create a paste and apply it to your hair. Leave it in for about half and hour, then rinse well with warm water.

5. Eggs

Everyone has eggs at home, and when mixed with water, these can also remove coconut oil from hair. Add two eggs into a large glass of water and make sure to beat well.

Once you have a fluid mixture, pour it all over your head. Leave the mixture in for about 15 minutes, wash it out, and you should have oil-free hair.

6. Baking Soda

baking soda

If you notice coconut oil stuck in hair, then this is the solution for you. This method once again requires creating a pasty mixture of baking soda and water. Apply this paste to your hair and leave it in for about 30 minutes.

Once the time is up, just wash it out with warm water. In fact, baking soda is known to help with dandruff as well.

7. Dish Soap

This may sound slightly ridiculous, but logically it makes sense. Dish soap is formulated to fight oily food stains and will also help remove coconut oil from hair.

Just lather some on your head and leave for about 15 minutes, then rinse well, and voila!

8. Vinegar

Vinegar is a kitchen ingredient that can help remove any coconut oil stuck in hair. Mix 2-3 teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of water and apply to the head.

Leave it there for around half an hour, and then wash it out. This should get rid of the excess stubborn oil.

9. Mint and Rosemary

wash coconut oil out with rosemary rinse

Another simple yet effective answer to the question of how to get coconut oil out of hair can be answered with these two kitchen staples.

Add a tablespoon of each to a glass of warm water and pour it on the scalp. After about 10 minutes, take a quick shower, and you are good to go.

10. Paper Towels

If nothing else holds up, paper towels are the most basic solution. Just pat your scalp and hair until you are satisfied.

How To Apply Coconut Oil Correctly?

Just as with any natural beauty product, there are a ton of ways to use coconut oil for hair, but this is probably our favorite.

First and foremost, always try to use extra virgin coconut oil or unrefined coconut oil on your hair. Described below is the oil’s most natural form, meaning all the nutrients and amino acids are preserved, and there are minimal additives.

When purchased in a jar, coconut oil is usually in a solid or hard form, so don’t let this surprise you. Start by removing a small pinch and rubbing it around in your hands to let it melt.

If you plan to use a larger amount, you can also heat it up in a pan. The rule of thumb is to first take less than you think you will need. Coconut oil is dense, and a little can really go a long way. Once you start applying and notice it running out without having covered all your hair, then you can simply repeat this process.

Next, start lathering the melted oil at the section of dry hair around your ears. Apply all you have in your hands and use a detangling or wide-tooth brush to spread it around. Brush downwards towards the ends of your hair until you feel that you have covered everything.

If you are using coconut oil just for moisturizing, then this should be enough. In case you are using it to reduce hair loss and stimulate growth, then you can also apply a very small amount around the roots of your hair as well. Make sure you slowly massage the oil into your scalp for the best effect.

How Long Should You Leave Coconut Oil In Your Hair?

This question is specific for each person, but we usually recommend leaving it in for about 30 minutes to an hour before you rinse coconut oil out of your hair.

If you are applying it before a shower, above mentioned are all the ways how to wash hair after applying coconut oil. This method is similar to deep-conditioning hair treatment.

However, if you are really in need of the extra moisture, then you can use coconut oil as a mask and leave it on overnight after application. Just pack up your hair in a shower cap and try not to move around too much when you sleep to avoid getting it on your pillow. Then, just resume washing coconut oil out of hair in the morning.

coconut oil

How Often Should You Use Coconut Oil For Hair?

In terms of usage frequency, we would recommend using coconut oil up to three times a week. This ensures you get the best results without overdoing it.

The specific frequency may also depend on your hair length and hair washing schedule, so do what feels right. However, it is best to start with less, such as once a week.

Doing this will help you understand what coconut oil feels like on your scalp how it affects your scalp, and may help you catch a coconut allergy early on. If you notice any itching or hives, you should immediately stop using coconut oil as it will do more harm than good and transition to an alternative oil.


coconut oil benefits

Do you wash coconut oil out of your hair with a conditioner?

Conditioner can be used alongside clarifying shampoo to remove any residue coconut oil stuck in hair.

Do you put coconut oil on wet or dry hair?

Coconut oil can be applied to both wet and dry hair. However, since most cases require it to be washed out later, applying it to dry hair before a shower makes the most sense.

How do you get oil out of your hair without shampoo?

Kitchen staples such as rosemary, mint, vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap can be made into a mask to remove coconut oil from hair.

What happens if you don’t wash coconut oil out of your hair?

Leaving coconut oil on the scalp for too long can cause oil buildup and clogged scalp pores. The oil can also attract dirt and become a breeding ground for bacteria.


Coconut oil is amazing for adding moisture and shine to the hair but can be tricky to remove from the scalp. Try using clarifying shampoo along with other DIY masks to make sure your hair is free of excess oil afterward. Remember that too much coconut oil can damage your hair.

Are there any interesting products you have used to remove built-up oil? Let us and the readers know down below!

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