Do Straightening Brushes Actually Work?

Often times when people hear about an electric straightening brush that can smooth unmanageable locks with ease, they are doubtful.

This is understandable because it does sound too good to be true to simply brush your hair and have gorgeous hair within half the time of what would have been spent if using a straightening flat iron.

Everyone knows that flat irons straighten and curling irons curl effectively but seem to wonder how it’s possible that an electric brush can smooth locks in such a short amount of time with such little effort.

The truth is that technology is improving in every aspect and that doesn’t stop when it comes to styling devices. As a matter of fact, electric brushes work just as well as flat irons but provide more care for your locks and I am going to explain why.

Heated irons have the ability to straighten, curl or even crimp hair. We’ve been aware of this for decades and everyone knows the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling hair with heat.

Using an electric straightening brush is simply like a usual hair brush with one main difference, it has a cord and a heated plate fixed into the head of meaning that by running the brush through your strands, it will smooth out any kinks, frizzy or curly locks.

An electric straightening brush has a similarity to its fellow flat irons and curling wands and other heated tools due to the fact that it styles with heat. It is simply a new and improved hair styling device that not only styles with ease and comfort but causes far less damage than other heated tools.

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Different Models for Different Hair Types

The truth is that people who haven’t had experiences as they expected with an electric straightening brush is quite possibly because they didn’t choose the right model for their hair type. There are countless different variants, with several different features and different designs suitable for different types of hair.

Reviews vary and are often mixed with electric brushes, but if you choose a suitable tool recommended for the hair type you have, you can’t go wrong. Whether thin, thick, short, long or curly hair – there is an affordable and effective device for everyone.

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What to Expect

You can expect a naturally straight hairstyle without sacrificing volume. Even individuals with naturally straight hair can seriously benefit from using a straightening brush thanks to the volume it can provide which can transform a flat hairstyle to something that looks rich and voluminous.

An electric brush will straighten and smooth the hair, while massaging your scalp, improving blood circulation and promoting hair growth while putting a lovely shine to those strands!

Heated Brushes and Avoiding Damage

Ensure your strands are completely dry before attempting to style with an electric brush. Using the tool on dry hair will not only deliver the best results but using the device on wet hair is basically asking for hair damage.

Most people are aware of the fact that any heat applied to their strands regularly is going to cause damage over time and this fact doesn’t differ when using an electric brush but some of the best electric brushes are equipped with features that actually have beneficial effects to protect and preserve the hair’s quality.

These features include a ceramic coating which smooths the hair and provides a consistent heat throughout the element and tourmaline or titanium coating which has a smooth surface, heats up well and releases negative ions to promote shine, smoothness and provides protection.

Heat protectants should be applied in any case no regardless of the electric hot tool being used. A flat iron clamps the ends of the strands together which can singe the ends of the hair, causing severe damage.

This is especially common if the person straightening isn’t using a comb in the other hand to separate the hair which moving the flat iron through the hair. A straightening brush separates the hair as it is gently pulled through the hair and straightens.

We all know how lovely our hair feels after having a good brush through all the strands, so just imagine a brush with a heated iron beneath the bristles. You will enjoy tangle-free, smooth, shiny locks.

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Spend Less Time Styling Your Hair

A bad hair day has the potential to ruin your whole day so having the possibility to style your hair by simply running a brush through it seems like a dream for those who struggle with their hair on a regular basis.

Many people are so used to spending 45 minutes – 1 hour in front of the mirror everyday day that halving the time to achieve these results feels somewhat unbelievable. It is actually as easy as it sounds, although some people really do just run the brush through their hair at such a fast pace, they don’t achieve the desired results.

For optimal results, you should section your stands to ensure it gets evenly straightened and gradually move the straightening brush down the strands in a slow but steady pace.

Some people resist purchasing a straightening brush because they’re worried about wasting their money on something that will not serve their needs and reach their expectations.

It’s understandable why people often have doubts about whether such a device can really smooth their hair as easily as they’re advertised to do so, especially those people with unruly thick, curly hair that has a mind of its own. I struggled with unmanageable hair which caused me to spend too tedious time taming it before I got my straightening brush.

I can’t stress how much time this device has saved me in the mornings. I can assure you these electric styling brushes are as good as they sound. The majority of women I know are now using these wonderful, efficient straightening brushes and are absolutely loving the results.

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