Avlon Affirm FiberGuard Sensitive Scalp Relaxer Review

Avlon has a great reputation with its relaxers range and it has a relaxing product to suit the needs of everyone. According to the Avlon Affirm relaxer reviews, most people that have used it seem to like it. But I decided to share my personal experience of using this product and write a review.

The kit comes with not just the relaxer but the whole conditioning relaxing system with all the necessary components to protect your hair and scalp. It is a bit on the expensive side and it is better to get it done professionally. I would suggest you get the whole kit instead of just the relaxer in order to achieve the desired results.

Components of Affirm Fiberguard Kit:

FiberGuard Preservo

This is Step 1 of the relaxing process. The Preservo Strengthening Serum is applied to the whole head before the relaxing process. FSC or Fiber Strengthening Complex is exclusive to Avlon products and penetrates deep within the hair shaft and cuticle. This protects the hair shaft and cuticle during the relaxing process.

Fiberguard Sensitive Scalp Creme Relaxer

Applying the actual relaxer is step 2 of the relaxing process. According to the affirm website, this relaxer from Fiberguard range is a multi-patented system and claims to preserve the hairs tensile strength by 40% more when compared to other relaxers. It is a no-lye relaxer and made of guanidine hydroxide.

I did a strand test with this relaxer and another relaxer with the same ingredient. This relaxer does seem to leave the hair a bit stronger than the other relaxer. I couldn’t obviously verify the claims by affirming that it results in 40% more tensile strength.

avlon affirm relaxer review

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Formula: No-lye
Hair Type: Damaged
Size: 12 Piece Set

How Affirm Fiberguard Relaxer Works?

If you look closely at the ingredients of Fiberguard relaxer, it is a protein-rich line. Proteins are both good and bad for your hair. Your hair needs protein in a moderate amount to maintain it. What protein does is coating the broken or damaged hair shaft and making it smoother and silkier.

But, too much protein is definitely not good for your hair, because protein build-up in the hair makes it waterproof resulting in the hair becoming dry and brittle.

In relaxed hair, the hair shaft is damaged to a certain degree because of the open cuticles; the protein in Fiberguard range provides more protection to the hair and leaves it stronger compared to other relaxers. But, if your hair doesn’t respond well to protein-rich hair products then this relaxer may not be your best option.

Sustenance Fortifying Treatment

This is Step 3 of the relaxing process. After the relaxing process, hair cuticles are still open and this is used as an intensive treatment to condition the hair fibers damaged by the relaxing process. This product is full of micro-proteins and polymers that seal the open cuticle and make it shiny and smooth. Apply this immediately after your relaxer is washed out.

After this treatment, I did see a noticeable difference in my hair texture. My hair felt strong enough after the relaxers, but this one made it shinier as if it is deep conditioned.

Normalizing Shampoo

This is the last and important step in your relaxing process. pH is a more important factor for healthy hair. Hair relaxers are alkaline in nature and hence after the relaxing process, a normalizing shampoo is needed to normalize the hair back to its pH range.

The main thing I liked about this shampoo it indicates whether the normalization process is completed by changing the lather of the shampoo from pink to white. The hair cuticles are closed after the normalization process making them less prone to breakage.

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Are the directions for how to apply the product and how much activator to use included?

Yes, there are instructions and a measuring cup that shows how much activator you need to add for the desired strength.

Can anyone tell me if you need anything else to use Avlon Affirm relaxer, like a neutralizer?

If you are buying the relaxer by itself and not the whole kit then yes you will. If you purchase the kit it will come with everything you need.

Where to buy Avlon Affirm FiberGuard?

Affirm Fiberguard range is professional use only and you might need to get it done at a salon that offers the range. If you are on a tight budget and intend to get it done at home, it is available at online stores for a reasonable price when compared to salons.

Avlon Affirm Relaxer Review Verdict

I would consider Affirm Fiberguard as a relaxing system rather than just a relaxer. My hair felt noticeably stronger after the relaxing process when compared to other relaxers I had used. Fiberguard range is full of proteins and polymers and if your hair generally doesn’t respond well to proteins then you might not get the results you want with this range.

I would suggest washing your hair with a strong clarifying shampoo for a week before using the Fiberguard range in order to remove any protein and calcium build up in the hair.

I would definitely buy this line again. The range comes in three strengths mild, normal, and resistant. I think it is important to buy the whole range and follow all the steps specified in the relaxing system to get the desired results. Not doing so might be more damaging to the hair as the steps are very much necessary in any relaxing process.

Also, I have heard that some people’s hair doesn’t respond well to this relaxer. It could be because they didn’t follow all the steps in the relaxing process or their hair doesn’t respond well to protein. Unfortunately, there isn’t a relaxer that will suit everyone. Choose the relaxer based on your hair type and you would most likely get the results you desire.

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