How To Curl Hair With A Hot Air Brush

There are many different types and styles of hair, curly hair is simply one of them. In fact, approximately 65% of the population have naturally curly hair. It’s simply a matter of how loose or tight the curls are.

Of course, current fashion trends have a direct influence on which hairstyles are deemed as trendy and which aren’t. Curly hair often loses out. Many women turn to hair straighteners to remove their curls. It can be time-consuming.

However, curly hair enjoyed a surge of popularity in the 1940s, predominantly thanks to a string of Hollywood stars adopting the trend.

Since then the style has become more acceptable and it’s currently enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity.

More importantly, social opinions are changing, it’s much more acceptable to embrace your natural look regardless of the current trends.

This means a lot more people are embracing curly hair, even those that don’t naturally have it.

hot air brush

Introducing The Hot Air Brush

The hot air brush is one of the most effective and fastest ways of adding curls to your hair. In effect, a hot air brush is both a hairdryer and a round brush.

The heat is directed inside the brush, warming it from the inside. At the same time, you can brush through your hair or wrap it around the brush.

It all depends on how tight you want your curls to be and which part of your hair you are targeting.

It is worth noting that a hot air brush can be used on wet hair and it’s possible to curl your hair with one hand. But, if you’re opting to use a hot air brush you should take a look at the best GHD hot brushes available.

Quality is important if you want the best possible results.

hair curled with hot air brush

How to Curl Hair With Blow Dryer Brush

Prepare Your Hair First

It is advisable to curl clean hair, that means allowing yourself enough time to wash it properly before you style it. However, it is also essential that you use the right products.

Choose ones that are designed to add volume to your hair. Of course, they should also be natural products as the chemicals in other products can damage your hair and scalp.

A volumizing shampoo will add texture as well as volume to your hair, making it easier to curl.

After you’ve washed and before you start using the hot air brush, you should add some additional volumizing products. You can purchase volumizing spray and textured spray.

Add them to your hair to increase the effects of the hot air brush. It’s important to add these items while you’re hair is wet.

All you have to do is squirt a little volumizing gel or other product in your hand and then rub it evenly through your hair. It’s a good idea to verify that the volumizing product includes heat protection.

If it doesn’t, you’ll want to add some heat protection spray. This will help to prevent your hair from being dried out with the heat of the hot air brush. Dry hair is brittle and difficult to style effectively.

When To Use Your Hot Air Brush

Using heat styling tools means your hair is experiencing higher heat than it would normally do. The heat will absorb moisture from your hair, causing it to become dry.

This will make it dull and brittle, as well as harder to style.

That’s why you need a quality hot air brush, it will allow you to turn the heat down. It’s also why you should let your hair air dry until it is 80% dry.

This gives you time to complete other parts of your getting ready ritual. Air drying your hair is also the healthiest option.

You can tell if your hair is 80% dry as it will feel damp but not wet.

Top Tip: If you don’t have time to let your hair air dry then use a hairdryer on a low setting. But, make sure you dry your hair with your head upside down, it will boost the volume of your hair.

Again, even with a hairdryer, you should only dry it 80%. That’s when you’re ready to use the hot air brush.

Comb First

Your hair is nearly dry and nearly ready to curl. However, before you start, you will want to ensure there are no tangles in your hair.

This will make it much harder to curl it effectively. The best way to ensure there are no tangles is to comb your hair with a medium comb.

Do a section at a time and start at the bottom of your hair, holding the section near the roots. This reduces strain on your roots and allows you to effectively comb tangles out.

It is important to do all your hair to ensure there are no tangles.

While you’re combing, plug in your hot air brush, select your preferred heat setting and turn it on. By the time you finish combing your hair, the hot air brush will be ready to use.

curly hair made with hot air brush

Divide & Conquer

To use a hot air brush effectively you’re going to need to divide your hair into sections. It’s best to separate your hair into top and bottom sections, this makes it easier to use the hot air brush and get the desired curls.

You’ll want to start with the bottom sections of your hair. It’s easiest to do this if you pin the top section out of the way. You can then curl the bottom section before unpinning the top and curling that.

How to Use Curling Hot Air Brush

With all the preparation done you’re ready to start curling.

Take the first section of your hair, choose a section approximately one inch thick, any more and the hot air brush will not have the desired effect.

Put your hot air brush near the bottom of your section and move the brush through the section, wrapping the hair around the brush as you do so.

The heat inside the brush will ensure the curls stay in place as you move gradually toward the top of the section.

It’s best to move the hot air brush under your hair, allowing the curls to go inward. When you reach the top of your section hold the brush in place for 10-15 seconds.

You can then glide the brush back through the section, effectively reversing what you’ve just done. As the brush leaves your hair you’ll see the curls are formed.

Now, you’ll need to repeat this for the rest of your hair. It can help to use a little hairspray on each section to hold the curls in place. This is especially important if you don’t have naturally curly hair!

Once you’ve finished all of your hair it is a good idea to brush it one more time with a regular brush. Only, do this with your head upside down to maximize the curls and the volume of your hair.

hair curled with hot brush

Dealing With Short Hair

If you have short hair you can still use a hot air brush to create curls. The biggest difference is that you’ll have fewer sections to do, making it faster to create the desired style.

Everything else you do can be done in the same way as for longer hair, which includes adding volume with products and brushing upside down. Of course, you’ll have to decide if your hair will look good with curls.

This is likely to depend on the style you are going for and how short your hair is. There is no minimum height of hair but, if you’re doing this for the first time, do it when you have the time to undo it if you don’t like it.

Tightness Of Your Hot Air Brush Curls

You probably are already aware that the tighter you wrap your hair around the hot air brush the tighter your curls will be. Naturally, the size of the curl is limited by the barrel size of the brush.

However, you can add overlays to create a larger curl if you have a small barrel. This will help you to create the effect you desire. It can also allow you to change your style quickly and easily.

Using Hot Brush to Curl Hair – Final Thoughts

A hot air brush is an effective way to make your hair curly or wavy. You should only ever use it on almost dry hair and it’s important to note that the curls are likely to drop out while you sleep.

That means you’ll have to repeat the process daily to ensure you have perfect-looking hair, whatever the occasion.

However, if you’re worried about washing and drying it every day, there are techniques you can use to help retain your curls overnight. This includes using rollers, tying sections of your hair into buns, and even changing your pillow covers from cotton to silk or satin.

It’s worth experimenting with the different options to ensure you find the best solution for you and can enjoy your curly hair.

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