30 Dope High Taper Fade Haircuts for Black Men

If you’re a black male looking for the perfect hairstyle, high taper fade haircuts are an excellent choice. Not only do they look stylish and modern, but they also provide versatility when it comes to styling options.

With a high taper fade haircut, you can choose between short or long hair on top while still maintaining a sharp and polished look. Whether you prefer the classic buzz cut or something more adventurous like an afro-textured style, there’s sure to be a high taper fade that fits your personal aesthetic.

In this article we’ll explore some of the most popular high taper fade for black men so that you can find the perfect look for yourself!

Best high taper haircuts for black man

The high taper fade is a classic look for black men that can never go wrong. It features short hair on the sides and back of the head, while the top is left longer to create contrast and volume.

With this style, you’ll get a clean-cut look with plenty of personality that’s perfect for any occasion. Plus, it’s easy to maintain as long as you get regular trims.

To achieve this look, ask your barber to give you a high taper fade with minimal length at the back and sides, and keep the top trimmed but slightly longer than the rest of your hair.

This creates an edgy yet polished result that will turn heads everywhere you go! Now we will explore different types of high taper fade for black male that you can ask your barber to give you.

1. High Fade with Squared Hairline

High Fade with Squared Hairline is a popular hairstyle for black men that provides a stylish, flattering look. It combines the traditional high fade with an edgy squared off hairline to create a unique and modern style.

To achieve this look, a barber begins by shaving the sides and back of the head to create the classic fade. The top of the head is then cut in whatever length and shape you desire, usually with some tapered edges at the front.

Finally, the barber shaves around the perimeter of your hairline to square it off, giving it a sharp and angular appearance. This hairstyle works best with medium to short lengths of hair on top, as longer lengths may not provide enough contrast between the faded sides and squared-off hairline.

2. Bald Fade

Bald Fade


A Bald Fade involves the hair being shaved close to the scalp and then gradually fading out as it moves away from the head. This look creates a bold contrast between the top of the scalp and the sides, giving an edgy style.

The fade starts with a tight shave on the sides and sometimes even extends up along the lower part of the crown. As you move away from the scalp, more length is added, slowly getting longer until blending into either an afro or another classic black hairstyle such as dreadlocks or twists.

short high taper fade on black male


3. Skin Fade with Parting

It features a gradual decrease in hair length from the crown to the back and sides, ending in a sharp line of demarcation at the temples. To create this look, barbers start by cutting the sides and back short but not bald, leaving enough length for a smooth transition.

Then they gradually shorten the hair up towards the crown, creating an even blend of lengths around the head. With this style, there is also usually a part shaved into one side of the head which provides added contrast to emphasize the blended layers of hair.

4. Taper Fade with Twist Top

Taper Fade with Twist Top


This style combines the classic look of a traditional taper fade with a modern twist on top, creating a stylish yet low-maintenance look. The taper fade begins at the nape of the neck and gradually fades out as it reaches the forehead, resulting in an elegant and cool style that draws attention to the face. While this hairstyle is most often seen on black men, it can also be adapted to fit many different hair types and textures.

Taper Fade with Twist Top


5. Fade with Beard

Fade with Beard


The beard is what really makes this look stand out. A full beard will complement any type of hairstyle but looks especially striking when paired with a fade haircut with hard parts or line up.

You can trim your beard around your jawline and chin for extra definition if desired. When styling your facial hair, make sure to use quality products such as oil-based pomades that provide moisture and hold for longer wear time without getting greasy.

Fade with Beard


6. Fade with Dreads

Fade with Dreads


With dreads, high taper fades create a bold statement that is sure to turn heads and grab attention. This style pairs traditional dreadlocks with a high taper fade cut.

The top section of the hair remains untouched, allowing for the dreads to be front and center. As you move down towards the nape of the neck, the hair gradually gets shorter until it reaches a bald or close-to-bald level at the back of the head.

7. Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut is achieved by using clippers to cut the hair all over the head very short – usually 1/8 inch or shorter. For an added touch of modern flair, ask your barber to add a bit of texture with scissors afterwards.

While it may not be as popular as other fades, the timelessly stylish Buzz Cut provides a daring and self-assured look that will never fade away!

8. Afro Top with Hight Tapered Undercut

Afro Top with Hight Tapered Undercut


This style involves keeping the hair on top tapered and trimmed in an afro shape, while the sides and back are cut very short in a high taper fade.

The key to pulling off this hairstyle is to get the right fade. The high taper fade should be cut between the occipital bone and crown of the head.

The barber should gradually taper down from long hair at the top to very short hair near the nape of the neck or ears. This creates a smooth transition from long to short, which helps give this look its signature finish.

9. Taper Fade Mohawk

At its simplest, the Taper Fade Mohawk involves shaving off the sides of your head down to skin level and then gradually tapering them up to meet the hair on top of your head in a Mohawk-style shape.

The taper fade helps to create an illusion of height and texture, as it increases from shorter lengths at the back and side of your head to longer lengths towards the front.

When styling a Taper Fade Mohawk, it’s important to use a good quality pomade or wax product in order to achieve maximum hold and shine. Start by working in small sections along the sides of your head, using your fingers or a comb to ensure an even application of product.

Taper Fade Mohawk


10. High Taper Fade Pompadour

The High Taper Fade Pompadour is a classic men’s hairstyle that combines elements of the hipster undercut and the traditional pompadour to create a modern, sophisticated look.

The style features a high taper fade on the sides and back with length left at the top. The hair on top is usually brushed up and back with plenty of volume for an elegant look.

The front of the style tends to be shorter and more tapered compared to the rest of the pompadour, creating an overall neat appearance.

11. High Fade with Waves

High Fade with Waves


The cut itself involves gradually cutting the sides of the head shorter, usually starting at the highest point of the hairline and working down towards the ears, while leaving more length on top for styling.

To give it a more distinct look, waves are added to create texture and movement. Once everything has been trimmed evenly on both sides, you can start adding waves by creating small sections around your crown area and curling them away from your face with a curling iron or waving iron.

Continue until all of your crown area has been curled in alternating directions for maximum texture and volume.

High Fade with Waves


12. High Taper Fade with Design

High Taper Fade with Design


The length can be tailored to suit any desired style; from very short buzz cuts to longer hairstyles on the sides. When it comes to adding extra pizzazz, many guys opt for a design.

This usually involves adding a pattern or figure – such as geometric shapes or symbols – into their taper fade haircut. Doing so adds an eye-catching visual element and can even help frame certain features like eyes or cheekbones in a flattering way.

13. High Taper Fade with Curls

High Taper Fade with Curls


With a short, tapered cut on the sides and a full-bodied curls at the top, this style can be tailored to your individual hair type and face shape. The greatest advantage of having high taper fade with a curls is its resourcefulness – you can mix-and-match different looks every day for an incomparable look!

A taper will give your hair an edgy look and add volume. Not only that, the shorter sides make it easier to maintain this hairstyle without feeling weighed down by your curls.

The sharp contrast of the longer top with the trimmed back sides creates a noticeable definition in your style that’ll turn heads!

High Taper Fade with Curls


14. High Fade with Top Knot

High Fade with Top Knot


A high fade with top knot is a modern, stylish hairstyle that is easy to achieve and maintain. It involves cutting the sides of the hair shorter than the top and styling it into a small bun.

The high fade part of the look gives an edgy, clean-cut appearance while the top knot adds height and volume. Not only does a high fade paired with a top knot give off cool vibes but it also helps keep long locks up and out of the way – perfect for days when you don’t have time to fuss over intricate hairstyles but still want something chic!

High Fade with Top Knot


No matter which style of high taper for black male you choose, the taper fade is a classic look that can never go wrong. Its versatility means it can be tailored to any taste and occasion, from formal events to everyday casual wear.

With so many options available, there’s sure to be a taper fade that suits your personal style perfectly!

What is a low taper vs high taper?

The main difference between a low taper and a high taper is the length of hair left on the sides and back of the head. With a low taper, there is very little hair left on the sides and back of the head, typically just one or two inches in length.

The top of the hair may be longer than this, but usually not much longer. This type of cut creates a classic “buzz” look. A high taper haircut involves more hair left on the sides and back of the head than a low taper does.

high taper for black men

Generally speaking, the hair length will decrease gradually from front to back instead of abruptly like with low tapers. Typically, several inches are left at the top of the head and it slowly decreases until it eventually reaches nothing at all at the bottom or nape area.

This creates an effect resembling an inverted pyramid when viewed from behind. High tapers are also often used in combination with fades for added texture and shape.

In terms of styling options, both types of haircuts can be styled with pomades or waxes to achieve different looks, including spikes or brushed-up styles.

A comb or brush can also be used to tame any flyaways or add subtle definition when needed. Low tapered haircuts are generally versatile enough to work with many different face shapes and preferred styles while still remaining neat and put together throughout wear and tear due to their shorter style.

On the other hand, high tapered cuts provide more room for creativity when styling due to their longer lengths; however, these styles require more maintenance as they tend to look scruffy after wearing them for extended periods without proper attention being paid to maintenance such as regular trims every couple weeks or so.

Overall, both low and high taper haircuts are great options for men who want a classic look but with some flexibility on the styling end. The choice of which haircut is best really depends on personal preference and lifestyle.

Both cuts can be tailored to the individual’s face shape and desired style in order to get the perfect look.

high taper for black men

High Taper Fade for Black Male – FAQ

What is a high fade haircut?

A high fade haircut is a men’s hairstyle characterized by a gradual, angular decrease in hair length from the top of the head to the temples and nape, resulting in a crisp, sharp look.

The cut is achieved by using clippers, with the guard number decreasing as it moves down the head. The guard number represents the length of hair that will be left after trimming; the higher the number, fewer hairs will be cut away and vice versa.

With a high fade haircut, this means that larger amounts of hair are removed at the temples and nape of the neck while leaving more hair on top of the head.

How long does a high taper last?

A high taper haircut typically lasts for about 2-3 weeks, depending upon the growth rate of an individual’s hair. During this time, the sides and back are cut shorter than the top.

The fade is clearly visible and can be adjusted to any shape or style desired. For a perfectly balanced fade, many experienced barbers recommend visiting every two weeks or so for either a trim or slight touchup.

When executed properly, high tapers provide an attractive look that adds volume and texture to any hairstyle while also imparting dimension.

Do I need to use any special products for a high taper?

No, but styling products can be used to create different looks and textures. Wax or pomade can be applied to the sides and back of a high taper cut in order to give it more definition, control flyaways, and add texture.

Combs or brushes can also be used to style the hair in a desired way. However, it’s important not to overload your hair with too many styling products as this will weigh it down and make it look greasy. Keep the styling minimal for best results.

High Taper for Black Men – Summary

High taper fade haircuts are a popular choice among black men for their modern and edgy look. It involves shaving the sides and back of the head very close to the scalp, with a gradual decrease in length until it blends into either an afro or other classic black hairstyle.

The top of the head is usually kept slightly longer than the rest, creating an eye-catching contrast that flatters any face shape. To make this style even more unique, some choose to incorporate a squared off hairline or part on one side of the head for extra emphasis.

Our 14 styles, which range from classic fades to modern twists, offer black men the perfect way to stand out and make a statement. The combination of high taper fade with these added details creates a timeless yet stylish look that will be sure to turn heads!

So don’t be afraid to try something new – experiment with different styles until you find the one that best fits your personality and lifestyle! ​

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