Colored Dreads: 30 Dope Color Ideas for Locs

Are you looking for a unique way to express yourself through your hair? Colored dreads are an eye-catching and bold style choice that can help you stand out in the crowd.

Whether you’re hoping to achieve rainbow-colored locks or just add hints of color here and there, colored dreads will draw attention wherever you go.

From subtle highlights to full-on colored dreadlocks, this look is sure to turn heads. Here we explore some of the best hair color ideas for dreadlocks so that you can find the perfect hue for your new ‘do!

Best dreadlock color ideas

Colored dreads are a stylish alternative to traditional black and brown hair. They come in a wide range of vibrant colors, such as blues, purples, pinks, oranges, and even technicolor rainbow hues.

People who opt for colored dreads often do so to express their creativity and individuality while also embracing their unique sense of style. Here are some of our favorite dreadlock hair color ideas:

1. Caramel Dreads

Caramel dreads can be a stunning and flattering way to add a little bit of warmth to your hair. Whether you are looking for a subtle shade or a bold statement, caramel is the perfect choice.

This rich color is great for creating a beachy vibe, while still being subtle enough to work with any color palette. And the best part is that it looks fabulous on all hair types!

To add some extra flair, try adding accessories like beads, scarves, ribbons or even charms. Caramel-colored dreadlocks pair perfectly with lighter shades like white and beige, as well as muted tones like navy blue and olive green.

Caramel Dreads


2. Dark Red Dreads

Dark Red Dreads have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among those looking to give their hairstyle a unique and eye-catching look.

While dreads of any color can be an amazing fashion statement, dark red dreads offer a bold and daring choice that is truly unforgettable.

colored dreads on female


3. Peekaboo Dreads

Peekaboo Dreads


Peekaboo dreads is a fun and trendy hairstyle that has recently become popular. This style involves dyeing small sections of hair in different colors, usually on the bottom layer, to create a “hidden” effect.

The desired look can range from subtle pops of bright colors to more bold and daring color combinations.

4. Green Dreads

Green Dreads


Those who choose to dye their dreads green can opt for an all-over look or an ombre effect, with lighter or darker shades of green throughout the different sections of the hair.

When creating an ombre look, it’s important to select colors that will blend together nicely and, if possible, use natural dyes to avoid potential damage and unwanted reactions.

Green Dreads


5. Platinum Blonde Dreads

Platinum Blonde Dreads


Platinum blonde dreads are a bold and eye-catching hairstyle that is sure to turn heads! This look features traditional dreadlocks that are dyed a vibrant white-blonde shade, often with subtle highlights or ombré accents throughout.

The overall effect is both unique and striking, making it perfect for those who want to make a statement with their look. Along with creating a brilliant new shade, dying one’s dreads platinum blonde also has some added benefits.

This lighter hue can help cover up any gray hairs that may have begun popping up and will also give them more shine and luster overall. It’s important to note, however, that keeping this color vibrant requires regular maintenance: because the locks are already heavily processed from being bleached, they will probably need more frequent touch ups than normal hair colors do.

6. Blue Dreads

Blue Dreads


Colored dreads are a unique and fashionable way to express yourself. Blue dreads, in particular, can create a stunning look that stands out from the rest.

Whether you’re rocking a full head of blue dreads or just some streaks throughout your locks, this bold look can make a statement.

Blue Dreads


7. Pink Dreads

Pink Dreads


Pink dreads are an easy way to create stand-out style that can be adapted to fit any look. The vibrant hue of pink gives off a cool, rebellious vibe to those who style their hair in this fashion, allowing them to express themselves without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

Whether the wearer prefers a bold statement or a subtle hint of color, there are many ways to customize pink dreads and make them unique. With some patience, skill and creativity, anyone can have beautiful and vibrant pink dreadlocks.

Pink Dreads


8. Rainbow Dreads

Rainbow dreads are a vibrant, eye-catching style of dreadlocks that bring a dynamic and colorful look to any hairstyle. Not only do they offer an interesting visual aesthetic, but the style also provides a unique way to express yourself and show off your personality.

Also known as color locs, rainbow dreads involve adding streaks of different colors to the individual locks of hair. Depending on the desired look, you can opt for a subtle blend of colors or go for something more bold with vivid hues.

You can also choose to either have all the colors in one single dreadlock or create rainbow patterns from multiple locks. One thing that makes rainbow dreads so special is their versatility; regardless of your skin tone or face shape, there is likely a combination of colors out there that will suit you perfectly!

Not only can you create different looks by playing around with color blends, but you can also experiment with sizes and lengths as well as accessories like beads and feathers for even more fun options.

Rainbow Dreads


9. Yellow Dreads

Yellow Dreads


Colored dreads, especially yellow ones, have become increasingly popular among young people in recent years. These unique-looking styles are created by using either a two-step process, or by using dyes specifically made for dreadlocks.

For the two-step method, firstly bleach is applied to the hair to create a light yellow base color. Then, semi-permanent or permanent dye is used to create the desired effect.

Yellow dreads make an eye-catching statement and can help you stand out in a crowd. This eye-catching style can also be combined with other colors such as shades of pink, purple or green for an even bolder look.

Yellow Dreads


10. Purple Dreads

Purple Dreads


When it comes to selecting a color for your dreads, purple is one of the most popular choices. It’s bold and eye-catching, yet subtle enough not to overpower other elements in the style.

Shades range from bright lavenders and amethysts, to muted plums and violets – all creating a beautiful effect when worn in locks.

Purple Dreads


11. Ginger Dreads

Ginger dreads are one of the hottest fashion trends in recent years. These eye-catching hairstyles can be seen on people of all ages, genders, and hair types.

Featuring a unique blend of colors, from fiery red to soft copper tones, ginger dreads look stunning against natural or dyed black, brown and blond hair.

Ginger Dreads


12. Ombre Dreads

Ombre Dreads


Ombre dreads are a unique and eye-catching hairstyle. This style involves the use of colored extensions, which are woven into the natural dreadlocks to create a design of gradually changing color.

Ombre dreads can be created using synthetic or human hair extensions, making it possible for individuals to customize their look in a variety of ways.

The most common ombre dreads feature two distinct colors, usually black at the base and lighter towards the ends. However, there are no limits when it comes to creative combinations – from bright blues and pinks to pastel hues and subtle ombré effects.

The versatility of this hairstyle allows you to experiment with different kinds of shades and patterns, creating a truly personalized look.

Ombre Dreads


13. Turquoise Dreads

Turquoise Dreads


Turquoise dreads are a vibrant and bold hair style choice that is becoming increasingly popular among trendsetters of all ages. These brightly colored locks are created by dyeing the hair with a turquoise hue, often in combination with other shades. Depending on the individual’s desired look, turquoise dreads can be styled in a variety of ways.

Turquoise Dreads


14. Color Split Dreads

Color Split Dreads


Color Split Dreads is a unique and eye-catching hairstyle that combines the classic look with different color dreads. This modern twist on an ancient hairstyle offers a beautiful way to show off your personality while maintaining a cool and stylish look.

The colors used can be similar or contrasting, depending on the desired effect, allowing for great versatility when it comes to creating unique looks.

Color Split Dreads


No matter the style, unique color dreads can be a fantastic way to express yourself and show off your inner beauty. From bold colors to more subtle shades, there are many ways to create unique and eye-catching looks that will turn heads everywhere you go.

So why not give it a try? With the right products, care, and creativity, you can have beautiful and vibrant dreadlocks in no time!

How to take care of dreads with colored tips

Taking care of dreadlocks is an important part of achieving and maintaining a healthy, beautiful head of hair. Proper maintenance ensures your dreadlocks stay in good shape and look their best.

Thankfully, taking care of dreadlocks doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming. With the right knowledge, approach and quality products, you can enjoy healthy dreads for years to come.

First and foremost, it’s essential to keep your scalp clean when you have dreadlocks. This means regularly shampooing your scalp with a mild detergent free shampoo that won’t strip away natural oils from the scalp or cause product buildup.

colored dreads on females

When shampooing, gently massage the scalp using circular motions with your fingertips to make sure all dirt is removed without causing too much tension in the locks.

It is also important to condition the locks at least once a week using light oils such as coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil – these help keep the locks moisturized without making them greasy.

You can also use a comb specially designed for dreadlocks (such as ‘Dread Comb Pro’) every couple weeks to brush out any knots or buildups of product at the roots which could lead to breakage over time if left untreated.

In addition, always wash your hair with lukewarm water – never hot – as this will dry out your locks faster than necessary leaving them vulnerable to breakage and damage.

Finally, it’s essential that you don’t play with or pull on your dreads too much; rough handling will only cause unnecessary stress on the hair follicles leading to weak strands or even complete loss of some locks over time.

To avoid this type of damage from occurring altogether, wear protective styles such as updos when possible so that none of your locks are pulled back tightly against one another for extended periods of time – this helps ensure even distribution across each strand reducing strain on individual hairs.

With just a few simple steps taken each week, taking care of dreadlocks can become second nature; ensuring not only a healthy head of hair but vibrant looking locs for years to come!

colored dreads on females

Colored Locs – FAQ

How should I dye my dreads?

It is essential to soak your locs in color using adequate scrunching technique to ensure that the deep colors are properly incorporated into every strand. If not done correctly, you may end up with a meager dye job.

After applying the color on your hair, make sure you cover it with a cap for an optimal result and follow the recommended guidelines of 30-40 minutes as suggested by most professional haircare boxes.

Does color damage dreads?

The answer to this question is a definite “it depends”. When it comes to dying dreads, the color can damage them depending on the types of products used, as well as how often it is done.

When done correctly, coloring dreads using natural vegetable dyes and high-quality hair care products will not cause any damage. Not to mention the fact that vegetable dyes are known for their mildness, helping to avoid scalp irritation.

Colored Locs – Summary

Colored locs are a popular way to express yourself and add a unique touch to your hairstyle. With the right color combination, you can create vibrant rainbow looks or subtle ombre effects with any hair color.

From yellow, purple and ginger dreads to rainbow and ombre styles, there are many options available for anyone looking to make a bold statement with their locks. Whether it’s for an everyday look or special occasion, locs color ideas endless possibilities!

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