Why Does Hair Curl at the End: Most Common Reasons Explained

Have you ever straightened your hair pin-straight but randomly got little curls at the end? This is a common issue, many people seem to be getting those curls you just can’t get rid of.

Well, turns out, there are a few answers to the question of why does my hair curl at the end, and there are also ways to prevent this from happening again!

Why Does My Hair Curl at the End?

There are multiple reasons why straight hair curls at the ends including dryness, dead ends, humidity, and genetics. Chances are you haven’t gotten a trim in a while so it’s time to make an appointment again. If this doesn’t solve your issue then try using less heat and more moisturizing products to stop curls at the end of hair.

1. Split and Dead Ends

One of the main reasons why hair curls out at the ends is the ends themselves. The ends of hair are the sections that have been around the longest and are very prone to breakage.

Due to the growth, the ends of hair become thinner over time and more susceptible to changing shape. These sections of hair are essentially dead and will curl up until you cut them off.

2. Length

Another culprit behind why long hair curls at the end is length, especially if you have shoulder-length hair that you constantly sweep over your shoulder.

This movement keeps bending the hair strands and leads to small curls forming at the ends. Even if you don’t sweep the hair yourself, as you move the hair strands move around on your shoulder area which makes them coil up.

hair with curls at the end

3. Stress

A lot of stress really can have physical consequences on your hair, skin, and internal organs as well. When you are under stress, your hair becomes weaker and sometimes your follicles may stop producing hair altogether.

Thinner, weaker hair is more susceptible to changing shape and may lead to curls at the end of the hair.

4. Genetics

Genetics determine a large part of your hair’s keratin form, which in turn determines the shape of your hair. This may not be the direct reason why straight hair curls at the ends but may play a part in your hair being more prone to take on a different shape.

5. Hormones

Your hormonal system controls basically everything in your body and an imbalance can have lasting effects. For example, a Vitamin D deficiency may be the reason behind the decline in your hair quality.

If you are noticing your hair curled at the bottom along with thinner strands and slow growth, then you have a hormonal issue. However, this is usually a simple fix, so just make an appointment with your local endocrinologist and they will tell you what to do.

Another major hormonal change is pregnancy. This process really affects the overall texture of your hair and this may reach the ends as well. If you are pregnant and your hair changes, there is no reason to look further for the reason.

Luckily, most of these changes are temporary and your hair is sure to bounce back once there isn’t a bun in the oven!

hair with curls at the end

6. Diet and Lifestyle

Hair is an important part of the body as well and if the body is healthy, your hair will most likely be healthy as well. If suddenly go on a drastic diet that deprives your body of the necessary nutrients, this can affect your hair follicles as well.

Without the necessary vitamins, your hair will become weaker and more prone to damage. So if you are thinking “why do the tips of my hair curl up”, then your body may require something you aren’t providing.

7. Heat and Products

Everyone knows using too much heat or a build-up of hair products may lead to hair damage. If you are constantly bleaching, dying, and styling your hair with heat yourself, you aren’t allowing your scalp and follicles to breathe.

You are probably constantly stripping your hair of its moisture, leading to dry strands and split ends which we already know results in hair curling.

As a stylist, I can assure you that we know what we are doing, so always consult a professional if you are thinking of changing up your style. Invest in yourself and avoid box dye at all costs.

hair curling at the end

8. Dry and Humid Weather

If you have been living in a location with a dry climate, then you’ve probably noticed that your hair is drier and has more split ends than the average person.

This weather will lead to your hair requiring extra moisture which you can provide with masks and creams. On the other end of the spectrum is humid weather which also leads to curls at the end of hair with the opposite effect.

By taking care of your hair, you can avoid these curls despite these problematic climates.

How to Stop Hair From Curling at the Ends

1. Trim

Getting a little trim every few weeks really is the best thing you can do for your hair. Even a short trim that gets rid of your split ends can freshen up your hair and help it grow faster and stronger. Once those dead ends are gone, you may notice that the curls disappeared as well.

hair with curls at the end

2. Moisturizing Products

If your straight hair curls at the ends, it may just be lacking moisture. For people who use heat to style hair every day, I would recommend doing a rejuvenating and moisturizing mask at least once a week. You can also go on a little shopping trip and pick out moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for yourself.

Using a leave-in conditioner for dry hair is also a good idea since it will last you a few days and will coat your hair with a light protective layer that will stop the curls from forming. So, one of the most important answers to how to stop hair from curling at the ends is to always keep it moisturized.

3. Heat Protectant

Another tip I always urge my clients to keep in mind is to always use a heat protectant. Even if you are going to use a blow dryer for a few minutes, spray a little protectant on your strands.

This product will stop the heat products from stripping all your hair moisture as well as protect your hair from UV rays as a side bonus.

Make sure your hair is at least 60%-70% dry before your spray heat protectant for maximum effectiveness if you are going to use a heat tool after a shower.

4. Silk or Satin Pillowcases

A silk or satin pillowcase can really work wonders for both your hair and your skin. This material won’t absorb the moisture from your hair, unlike a cotton pillowcase.

It will also help maintain styling and reduce friction, so you can avoid those end curls as well as overall frizz. It is a great investment you should make for your hair!


Does hair get curlier with age?

It may and may not, it really depends on the environment and genetics. As your hormonal system changes, so will your curl pattern. This means you may lose your curls or even gain new ones as you age.

Why do the ends of hair curl inwards?

Since the ends of your hair are lighter than the rest of the sections, they are easier to bend and more prone to change shape. You can avoid this by getting a layered haircut!

Why is only part of my hair curly?

Curl patterns are very much genetic, so the shape and location of curls vary from person to person. You may have a mix of wavy and curly hair, so not all the sections will be curly.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, those pesky curls aren’t appearing out of nowhere and there is a logical reason why they show up! Try to get to the root of your problem, whether it be using too much heat, split ends, or overall dryness, then solving the problem will be much easier.

Are there any life hacks you have tried that get rid of curls at the end of hair? Let us all know in the comments.

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